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8-steps to follow as you begin

your virtual career!

New Virtual Agents Start Here!


* 2024 - The Equis System - Promotion & Bonus Guidelines

Understand the growth opportunities available to you at Equis Financial!

Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis form is to be used during appointments to determine how much coverage your clients need. Including a page of reminders when meeting with clients.

Ethos Life New Agent Training Webinar

You’re invited to learn about Ethos—and how to start using it—by signing up for their customized, interactive webinar for Equis agents.

Basic Phone Script - Virtual Sales

Ethos Life - Training Deck for Agents

See more Ethos Life documents below!

Final Expense Appointment Flip Chart

Flip Chart to utilize during Final Expense appointments,

Virtual Sales Activity Tracker for Personal Producers

Daily Activity Tracker for personal producers writing business! (Print or Digital)

Setting Virtual Appointments Via Text Message

Scripts to use when setting a Mortgage Protection virtual appointment via text message.

IVR Leads - Virtual Script

C&D Leads - Virtual Script

Emergency Contact List

A blank template PDF document for a client’s Emergency Contact List.

FTC - Debt Relief Services & Telemarketing Sales Rules

Keep your business in compliance with the FTC when providing debt relief services and using telemarketing sales.

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