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Carrier Provided Training

Writing applications, e-apps, and utilizing carrier-provided
material in your business.

American-Amicable - Easy Term Agent Guide

American-Amicable - Express UL Agent Guide

American-Amicable - Home Protector Agent Guide

American-Amicable - OBA Agent Guide

American-Amicable - Security Protector Agent Guide

American-Amicable - Senior Choice Agent Guide

American-Amicable - Survivor Protector Agent Guide

Americo - Advantage WL Agent Underwriting Guidelines

Americo - HMS Plus Series Underwriting Guide

Americo's Training Center for Equis

Visit Americo's dedicated site for Equis agents.

Assurant Agent Reference Manual

Agent Manual provided by Assurant.

Assurant Order Form

Order Assurant business supplies using this form!

CFG - SafeShield Term Underwriting Guide

CVS/Aetna - Consumer Brochure

CVS/Aetna - Product Specifications

Ethos IUL Agent & Client Resources

Ethos Life - Friends & Family Campaign

Ethos Life - New Agent Onboarding

Ethos Life - Overview of Sales Strategy #2

Ethos Life - Training Deck for Agents

See more Ethos Life documents below!

Ethos Life New Agent Training Webinar

You’re invited to learn about Ethos—and how to start using it—by signing up for their customized, interactive webinar for Equis agents.

Foresters - Advantage Plus II Client-Facing Presentation

Foresters - Non-F2F Non-med Guide

GPM - Equity Protector Underwriting Guidlines

MOO - Critical Advantage Product Underwriting Guide

MOO - Priority Income Protection Underwriting Guide

NLG - The Life Event Story

Living Benefits in Action: View the Powerpoint presentation used by Pete Lee to illustrate the powerful true stories of people whose lives were saved by their Living Benefits plans.

American-Amicable - Easy Term Brochure

American-Amicable - Express UL Brochure

American-Amicable - Home Protector Brochure

American-Amicable - OBA Brochure

American-Amicable - Security Protector Brochure

American-Amicable - Senior Choice Brochure

American-Amicable - Survivor Protector Brochure

Americo - Eagle Premier Series Underwriting Guide

Americo - Ultra Protector Series Underwriting Guide

Assurant Account Verification Form

Verify your account with Assurant using this form!

Assurant Health Definitions

Definitions of health terms utilized by Assurant.

CFG - Final Expense Underwriting Guide

CVS/Aetna - Agent Training Deck Presentation

CVS/Aetna - Producer Guide

Equis - Carrier Overrides & Pre-Appointments

This document lists all states which require Carrier Overrides and Pre-appointments.

Ethos Life - Email Campaign

Ethos Life - Launch Training Deck for Agents

Ethos Life - Overview of Sales Strategy #1

Ethos Life - Sales Strategy Overview #3

Ethos Life FAQ

F&G Acknowledgement Form

Initial paperwork to be filled out and sent to prior to contracting with Fidelity & Guarantee Life.

Foresters - BrightFuture Children's Whole Life Insurance Product Guide

Foresters - PlanRight Medical Underwriting Guide

GPM - Field Underwriting Guidelines

MOO - Life Underwriting Guide

NLG - Overview Featuring FLEXLIFE II

View the Powerpoint presentation used by Bill Martin 2.0 in his recent National Life Group Webinar providing a company overview and a focus on the FlexLife II product.


Training Videos

Ethos IUL Equis Training

Ethos Leads Training (4/4)

Matthew Wilson gives great tips on running appointments with the new Ethos Leads!

Ethos Life Overview #1

Recording from 11/4/2022 Daily Coaching Session


Presenter: Emily Rohrig

How to Illustrate Living Benefits with the NLG IUL Product

Vice President of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, demonstrates how to use the NLG illustration software.

Ethos Leads Training (2/4)

Jemar Mitchell breaks down how to treat and work the new Ethos Leads.

Ethos Leads Training (1/4)

Kristan Brockman gives an introduction to the new Ethos Leads that are available for standing lead orders!

American Amicable

Presenter: Sue Prugh

Foresters Financial

Presenter: Bruce Burak

Ethos Leads Training (3/4)

Chris Tinsman gives her experienced insight on how to work the new Ethos Leads.

Ethos Life Overview #2

Recording from 11/11/2022 Daily Coaching Session


Presenter: Will Coatney

How to Illustrate Living Benefits with the Ameritas IUL Product

Vice President of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, demonstrates how to use the Ameritas illustration software.

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