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Frequently Used Documents

Digital CRM - Printer-Friendly!

A digital version of the CRM brochure in a printer-friendly format. **Includes Debt Elimination!**

Digital CRM

A digital version of the CRM brochure. **Includes Debt Elimination!**

Emergency Contact Letter

As seen on the 4.14.22 training with Sam Howe and Lee Duncan!

Emergency Contact Letter

An editable Microsoft Word document containing template paragraphs for the Emergency Contact Letter.

Case Information Needed

Case Central is excited to work with you on your next case! In order to receive Case Central’s full suite of services, please provide the following information:

Fact and Feeling By Design

Once you have a COMRA score, this Fact and Feeling by Design form asks all the questions you need to know!

Debt Free 4 Life Explainer

This document was created to provide a basic explanation of the Debt Free 4 Life program, what it is, how it works, and how to incorporate it in your sales presentation!

A Tale of Two Brothers

This presentation was used on the 2.9.23 training and illustrates two brothers who want the same thing: a secure retirement with income that they will not outlive. However, they are doing two different things to achieve their goals and will end up with very different results!

Illustrations Request Form for Indexed Annuities/IULs

A form to submit when requesting Indexed Annuity Illustrations and/or IUL Illustrations.

Needs Analysis

Created by Wendy Baxter, this Needs Analysis is an Equis Retirement Solutions branded document to help you best determine your client's financial needs!

Income Vs. Expenses

This document is a great visual tool to demonstrate how Living Benefits can help bridge the gap between expenses and lack of income in times of need.

Retirement Battles Presentation

A powerful presentation to use when in the home regarding retirement planning!

Annuity Advantages & Disadvantages

A helpful guide which gives examples of Advantages & Disadvantages for when completing the Suitability Form. The correct options will help you pass Suitability!

MOO IULE Illustration States

This shows the states that do not need to include a copy of the illustration when submitting a MOO IUL Express.

NLG Annuity Requirements by State

As many of you are adding Annuities to your product portfolio, it is important to know the requirements that must be completed in your state (or the state you are selling in) before you can complete an annuity sale! National Life Group has created this extremely helpful guide of state requirements!

CRM Strategy and Script

Emergency Contact List

As seen on the 4.14.22 training with Sam Howe & Lee Duncan!

Emergency Contact Phone Script

As seen on the 4.14.22 training with Sam Howe & Lee Duncan!

Meet the Case Central Team

The Case Central team applies their real industry experience to deliver informed solutions for you so you can better serve your clients. And it truly is a team. Here's everyone that's working for you at Case Central.

Case Central Virtual Advisor Walkthrough

Case Central is your team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and investment advisors who analyze consumer data and provide you with impressive, presentation-ready client solutions. We offer over a dozen unique and proprietary software reports – covering
topics such as income planning, portfolio analysis, and asset allocation – to help you bring your recommendations to life. Reports are customizable to your practice and available to you 24/7. Here's how to get started!

Color of Money Risk Analysis (COMRA)

The paper version of the COMRA questionnaire to use until you have access to your COMRA website.

Small Business Retirement Presentation

Created by Kim Rawlings, the Small Business Retirement Presentation is designed to educate small business owners about tax-free retirement and disability protection.

Debt Free 4 Life Script!

Tracey Spikes has an amazing sales presentation delivery, and one of the best ways to study it is with a script! Here is Tracey's presentation from our 3.3.22 training!


Author Matt Zagula is best known for helping hard-working people and business owners reach their lowest legal tax rate and deploying those tax savings into SMART tax-exempt assets for their future. In this book, he does not discuss the same old recycled financial planning ideas. Instead, he teaches you strategies similar to those being used by top executives and the wealthy elite so that more Americans can benefit from the same SMART retirement planning techniques. The tax code is clear: you are legally obligated to pay tax only once on the dollars you have. This book will make you and your money SMART so you can spend less on taxes, and have more for you!

April 2023 Index Suggestions

Updated Index Selections by Carrier and Product!

Living Benefits Presentation

This is the presentation used in the “Living Benefits Sales Presentation (Part 1)” video.

Athene Annuity Worksheet

When it comes to annuities, “one size does not fit all.” Since no two clients are alike and no two retirement goals are the same, Athene is committed to helping you match your clients with an annuity solution that will help them reach their own unique financial objectives.

This guide will take you step-by-step through the worksheet in order to help you obtain the most accurate depiction of your clients’ financial situation, lifestyle, and objectives.

Small Business Retirement Phone Script

Created by Shawn Price, the Small Business phone script provides all the information needed to get you in the door and pave the way for a successful sale.

Ameritas Access Whole Life Presentation

Download and follow along with Dylan Krings on our 3.17.22 training, Using Ameritas Whole Life Products for Debt Free 4 Life!

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