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Sign up for a pre-licensing course through XCEL now!

Your first step as an unlicensed agent is to start preparing for the State Licensing Exam. The XCEL pre-licensing course will equip you with the information needed to pass your exam and familiarize you with your respective state's Life and Health license regulations and requirements.

Select "Insurance Pre-Licensing" in your preferred language and then select your resident state from the "Select Product" drop-down menu. Add a course to your cart and proceed to checkout. To activate your discounted course access, enter your direct upline's name in all caps, with no spaces in the "Discount code" field. (Example: JOHNSMITH).


Questions/Concerns? Contact your Direct Upline, Regional Manager's office, Equis Chat, or our XCEL dedicated account representative:

Rob Eredini (913) 200-1777


XCEL Solutions offers a unique 3-part training program instructionally designed to prepare people to pass on the first attempt. There are 3 parts to the training: Pre-licensing Course, Prep Review Course, and Exam Simulator.

Part 1: Pre-Licensing Course

The Pre-Licensing Course will satisfy all state insurance pre-license requirements, allowing everyone to attempt the state insurance exam. Completing this section very quickly is critical (5 days or less). Upon completion, you gain access to the Prep Review Course (Part 2) and Exam Simulator (Part 3).

Part 2: Prep Review Course

This part of the training features content “boiled down to the essence” of the state exam. Chapters have only a few pages of material, but the content must be mastered to pass. Instructionally designed to teach individuals how to pass, most study effort should be invested here. Unnecessary information has been eliminated. Chapter exams are substantially larger (50+ questions), providing exposure to the types of questions seen on the state exam. IMPORTANT: Most study effort (50% or greater) should be devoted exclusively to the Prep Review Course.

Part 3: Exam Simulator

These special exams are designed to gauge content retention levels. Exams are comprised entirely of questions known or historically seen on state examinations. IMPORTANT: Only take the Exam Simulators after the Prep Review Course has been successfully completed. It ensures these questions will be “fresh in the mind“.


*Some States require a minimum amount of study time. XCEL ensures you meet those times as you navigate through the Pre-licensing course.


Optional Pre-Licensing Program:

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