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Retirement Battles Presentation

A powerful presentation to use when in the home regarding retirement planning!

Small Business Retirement Presentation

Created by Kim Rawlings, the Small Business Retirement Presentation is designed to educate small business owners about tax-free retirement and disability protection.


Author Matt Zagula is best known for helping hard-working people and business owners reach their lowest legal tax rate and deploying those tax savings into SMART tax-exempt assets for their future. In this book, he does not discuss the same old recycled financial planning ideas. Instead, he teaches you strategies similar to those being used by top executives and the wealthy elite so that more Americans can benefit from the same SMART retirement planning techniques. The tax code is clear: you are legally obligated to pay tax only once on the dollars you have. This book will make you and your money SMART so you can spend less on taxes, and have more for you!

Small Business Retirement Phone Script

Created by Shawn Price, the Small Business phone script provides all the information needed to get you in the door and pave the way for a successful sale.

A Tale of Two Brothers

This presentation was used on the 2.9.23 training and illustrates two brothers who want the same thing: a secure retirement with income that they will not outlive. However, they are doing two different things to achieve their goals and will end up with very different results!


Training Videos

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How Permanent Insurance Works

Vice President of Retirement Solutions Bill Martin 2.0 demonstrates how to explain the difference between Increasing & Level Death Benefits.

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The Equis Retirement Solutions Specialist Program

Vice President of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, explains the importance of using a Retirement Solutions Specialist to help in close more indexed product sales and also explains the fantastic opportunity that Equis provides for you to become a Specialist and serve your team's indexed product needs.

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Reading Investment Statements

Vice President of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, walks you through not only how to read an investment statement, but how to understand it!

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Generating Leads with an Emergency Contact List

Join us as SVP of Retirement Solutions, Pete Lee, and VP of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, welcome Lee Duncan & Sam Howe! Lee & Sam share with us their innovative solution to the age-old dilemma of prospecting, and how you can use it to help build your client-based referrals!

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Working Your Existing Book Of Business

SVP of Retirement Solutions, Pete Lee, and VP of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, are joined by none other than one of the original founders of Equis Financial, your Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, and National Marketing Director and Platinum Elite Producer, Lori Martin! These two industry veterans share how to set appointments without leads by utilizing one of your most treasured resources… your own existing book of business!

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Equis Retirement Solutions CRM Brochure

Vice President of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, explains what the CRM Brochure is and how it can help you to find more money in a client’s home!

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NLG FIT Series Retirement

Vice President of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, reviews the key product features of NLG's FIT Retirement Series.

Training Videos
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