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As an Integrity Company, Equis Financial agents have access to the Integrity Technology Suite of Solutions, free of charge.  


Discover how Integrity Technology helps agents serve their clients better and grow their business faster.

Integrity’s Integrated Platform: Powerful, Seamless Integration

Integrity has created a suite of integrated solutions that work together and includes:

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A single source for compliant and real-time lead generation, seamlessly connected to LifeCENTER Contact Management.

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Brings your key client management, tasks, call recording, quoting, and enrolling together in one, secure platform with secure data protection.

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Helps consumers connect with straightforward information and agent guidance so they can make informed choices about their coverage.

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Adds an AI-powered solution to build client relationships using client meeting summaries, simple “next-step” tasks, and plan recommendations to support client health conditions.

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Integrity's Suite of Solutions

Integrity isn’t just on the cutting edge of insurance technology—it’s leading the way. Developed by world-class experts, our proprietary tools, resources and exclusive services help customize the insurance experience so consumers can find the right coverage and be prepared for the good days ahead.


LeadCENTER is your cost-effective and efficient place to find, purchase and manage leads.

LeadCENTER simplifies your workflow by giving you a single place to purchase and manage leads. No jumping back and forth between platforms.


Simple Access to Leads

Explore a multitude of lead types! From real-time and on demand to mortgage protection, final expense and more, handle your leads all from a single convenient dashboard!

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Interactive Heat Maps

Access the Lead Database and utilize interactive heat maps to narrow in on lead locations, lead types and volume of leads that will have the most impact for your business.

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Built-In CRM Capabilities

Track all of your lead information using LeadCENTER's built-in CRM. Spend less time on paperwork and more time following up on your leads and clients' needs.

Built by industry experts, LifeCENTER is a proven platform that provides everything Life agents need to easily manage their business. With at-a-glance Policy Snapshot, client management has never been easier — agents can instantly track history, preferences, policy details and more. Quote & eApp enables seamless application submission, directly from client records. LifeCENTER’s all-in-one platform puts agents in command of their most important tasks, while providing key insights.

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Simplified Client


Track history, preference, policy details and more.

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LeadCENTER Integration

Choose when to have leads delivered right to your Contact Management profile. Check in, manage and work leads.

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A Streamlined Process:

Use Quote & eApp for seamless application submission, directly from client records.

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Clear Next Steps

Instantly know the status of each Life application with Policy Snapshot.

Innovative Technology for Life Agents

LifeCENTER features are all available to agents free of charge as part of the Integrity Technology Suite of Solutions. Discover how Integrity Technology helps agents serve their clients better and grow their business faster.

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Build your business AND get quality leads from a platform with proven

national reach!

PlanEnroll is a consumer-facing platform that helps people have a positive Medicare and Life insurance experience and feel confident in their choices by offering them access to personalized guidance from agents like you!

Maximizing your impact as a PlanEnroll Network Agent:

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Personal Agent Website — Use your Personal Agent Website to connect to current and future clients. Add it to marketing materials, emails and more. Many consumers will appreciate being able to browse plans on your Personal Agent Website, then enroll when they’re ready or connect with you for personalized guidance.

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PlanEnroll Exclusive Lead Campaign — Create a PlanEnroll Lead Campaign in LeadCENTER, then click the “I’m Available” switch to receive real-time calls or data leads.  Consumers can find you on the PlanEnroll Agent Selection Map and you get priority ranking if you have an active PlanEnroll Campaign in LeadCENTER. When you set up a PlanEnroll Campaign in LeadCENTER, you get exclusive leads and appear organically on the map!

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PlanEnroll Agent Selection Map — Take advantage of the additional exposure from the PlanEnroll Agent Selection Map. Agents with an active PlanEnroll Lead Campaign rank higher in local search results.

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Consumer PlanEnroll Profiles — Encourage existing clients to create a PlanEnroll profile using your Personal Agent Website so they can keep their data securely stored for easy reference. You’ll be able to update their information, too!

It’s simple to become a PlanEnroll Network Agent! Just complete a short set of training videos on, then create your Personal Agent Website. Once your training is complete and you’ve set up your Personal Agent Website, there are several ways PlanEnroll integration helps you expand your reach.

You need technology that can deliver important details about your clients wherever you are — while keeping all your client data secure.

Ask Integrity™ combines data analysis with powerful intelligence and delivers it on-demand through LifeCENTER and the Mobile App.

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Client Information Summaries
to help you to know every client better, no matter how long you have worked together

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Call Summaries
to easily review previous meetings and help you prepare for the next client interaction

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In-the-moment AI Prompts
like Specialist Recommendations personalized to client history and preferences, so you can find the right plan for each situation

The first-in-the-industry, AI-powered digital assistant for agents!

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Plan Enroll
Ask Integrity
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