Sales Training Audio Call

Archived Recordings

Adapting to Change with Vince Hall and Claudia Mathieu

Claudia Mathieu and Vince Hall both wear a multitude of hats and juggle any and all lead types in order to build their business. Learn how to adapt quickly and efficiently through tools provided by Equis Financial and the insight of both Claudia and Vince!

Empowering Businesswomen with Gale Hammond, Charlotte Nicotre, & Carrie Wysong

In a true landmark moment for Equis Financial, 3 of our newest Regional Managers (Gale Hammond, Charlotte Nicotre, and Carrie Wysong) just so happen to be women. In an industry that has, historically, been so dominated by men, we are INCREDIBLY PROUD to have built a platform that empowers women to succeed and build a profitable business.

Alternate Paths to Success with Chris Tinsman & Dante Williams

Chris Tinsman is back again to delve into how utilizing policy reviews can lead to massive returns for your business. Dante Williams is among Equis Financial’s fastest rising stars and ranks among the Top 10 issue paid agents of 2019!

1-On-1 with Rob Jones & Bill Martin OG

Executive VP of Sales Development Bill Martin OG conducts a 1-on-1 interview with Executive VP of Agency Development Rob Jones covering every step of Rob’s journey in the field of insurance sales!

Exploring the Power of IUL with Pete Lee, Jerrod Ewing & Bonnie Tercero

Joined by Senior Marketing Director Jerrod Ewing and Top Producer Bonnie Tercero, Pete leads a call centered around the many different facets and possibilities of IUL sales. Bonnie will discuss working with the small business owner market using IUL products and sales strategies. While Jerrod will offer up in-depth insight on how to find IUL sales in the home to supplement and accompany your mortgage protection sales!

Gaining Comfort & Confidence with Ryan Dovner & Jamie Trent

2 of Equis Financial’s brightest stars of 2018 join our call to discuss gaining comfort with the Equis system and how to gain the confidence of your clients!

Expanding Your Business Without Leads with Chris Tinsman

Don’t miss an ESSENTIAL call between 2 industry leaders with a wealth of knowledge and experience as they discuss some of the revolutionary sales tactics being used by Chris Tinsman to expand her business!

Americo Advantages & Convention Takeaways w/ Brandon Hall & Deanna Cooper

Hear insights on new carrier Americo from top producer Brandon hall and 2019 National Winter Convention takeaways from Deanna Cooper on an energized Sales Training Conference Call!

Hit the Ground Running with Pete Beckman, Jahmal Bowman & Isaac Hill

Both Jahmal and Isaac are new agents destined for greatness at The Agent’s Company. The success these 2 agents have had during their brief time with Equis has been staggering. Jahmal and Isaac are both Ignite Award winners, on track for DIAMOND Elite Producer status, and have been building their own agencies with the goal of becoming Sales Managers in 2019.

Guest Host Jerrod Ewing with Darren Willis & Ryan Dovner

Regional Marketing Director Jerrod Ewing guest hosts the call and welcomes 2 handpicked guests: District Manager Darren Willis & Ignite Award Winner Ryan Dovner!

Overcoming Adversity with Brandon Clarke, Matthew Weiner & Rick Reed

There’s something for everyone on this Sales Training Call featuring Elite Producers Brandon Clarke, Matthew Weiner, and Rick Reed discussing the nature of overcoming adversity and how to balance production with agency building!

A New Approach to Leads with Christian Pounder & Randy Montrose

Barry, Rob, and Bill OG recap an eventful 2 days in Asheville, NC following our executive-led “War Room” meetings. Afterward, hear from 2 agents who’ve transformed their lives through The Equis Opportunity!

Finding Success Through Referrals with Ron Occeus

Elite Producer & Ignite Award Winner Ron Occeus joins VP of Sales Bill Martin OG for an educational conversation revolving around writing business through referrals.

Post 2018 Summer Sales Convention Wrap-Up

Claudia Mathieu shares her convention takeaways and how to properly utilize the Equis system. Afterward, Barry, Rob, and Bill OG discuss YOUR next steps following convention and outline the roadmap for your continued success.

Dissecting Deanna Cooper’s Process

Elite Producer and Ignite Winner Deanna Cooper sits down with VP of Sales Bill Martin for a one-on-one conversation covering a wide range of topics sure to fuel your growth within the Equis platform!

Leading from the Front with Mike Hall & Nate Maddox

The Equis Executive Team opens this week’s call with an update on our technological transition before welcoming Mike Hall and Nate Maddox, 2 Regional Managers leading their teams by example.

Highlighting Oxford Life & How to Obtain Referrals with Chad Knies & Dave Hartman

Chad Knies goes into extraordinary detail on the nature of Oxford LIfe’s relationship with Equis, their top-of-the-line products, and the ease of issue that comes along with writing business with Oxford Life! Afterward, Dave Hartman discusses, at length, the staggering success he’s found obtaining and working referrals!

The Managerial Mindset with Jon Schwartz & Nick Theodore

As a recently-promoted Regional Manager, Jon Schwartz is eager to divulge the details and mindset that led to his new position. Jon has been part of The Agent’s Company and made a great living off personal production and team building for quite some time, but only recently has his business sky-rocketed. Nick Theodore will also be joining the call to further elaborate on the themes of leadership, perseverance, and toughness established by Jon.

Women Winning at Equis Financial

Nadine Smith, Stephanie Harlan, and Noell Hughes join the call to regale the sales processes and mindsets that have led them all to over $100K in written business in 2019 alone!

Walking the Walk with Daniel McRae & Nate Maddox

Executive Manager Nate Maddox and Regional Manager Daniel McRae join the Equis Executive Team to share their personal insights on how to set yourself up for success and establish quality leadership.

Activity Is King with Bill Martin OG, Ollie Collins, & Michael Wright

Activity is KING in our industry; always has been, always will be. Bill Martin OG welcomes 2 titans of activity onto the call for an enlightening discussion centered around schedule maintenance.

New Ways to Make Money with Andrew Pappas & Dee-Dee Carter

Andrew Pappas has shared a number of successful methods that increase sales and sales efficiency within your process through his appearances on this call. The new system he’s created just might be his most influential yet. If that wasn’t enough, Equis favorite Dee-Dee Carter follows Andrew with insight on her own strategies and sales process.

Making the Equis System Work for You with Lauren Moore and Fred & Deb Johnson

Listen in as Lauren Moore and Fred & Deb Johnson provide a heartfelt glimpse into the power of The Equis Opportunity.

Nick Theodore Interviews Stephanie Harlan, Patrick & Miki Hutchinson from Orlando ETC!

Listen back to one of 2019’s most important conference calls featuring National Marketing Director Nick Theodore interviewing Elite Producer Stephanie Harlan and power couple Patrick & Miki Hutchinson!

Changing Your Life Through The Equis Platform with Deanna Cooper & Tyler Bosch

Life-changing things have happened, and continue to happen, to Deanna Cooper and Tyler Bosch as a result of their success with Equis Financial. Listen back to this entry of the Friday Sales Training Call to hear their stories!

Setting Standards of Success with Rick Hazouri & Marcus Moore

Equis Financial President & CEO Barry Clarkson serves as special guest host to interview Rick Hazouri and Marcus Moore. The keys to their success are attainable by each and every agent. It’s not too good to be true, it’s simply The Equis Opportunity.

A Peek Behind the Curtain w/ Lori Martin & Andrew Pappas

This week's Sales Training Conference Call is all about specialized education. Lori Martin and Andrew Pappas serve as our very special guests to share knowledge on a productive mindset, sales processes, and how you can replicate each and every aspect of their business.

December 20, 2019

This week's Sales Training Conference Call features stories fro Stephanie Harlan, Noell Hughes, Jeff Geske and Matthew Weiner.

Self-Development Through Business Development with Ruben Basurto & Jason and Crystal Patello

Special guests Ruben Basurto and Jason & Crystal Patello share harrowing personal stories on how Equis has provided a “beacon of hope” in their lives…

Building Opportunity Through Community with Emmanuel Eliason & Chris Toffey

Emmanuel Eliason and Chris Toffey share tips on using financial education within your community to drive your business. Later, Cody Askins joins to discuss how to optimize our Facebook leads program!

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify with Robert Balgac & Eric Valdez

Listen in to the Sales Training Conference Call for invaluable insight on how to maximize your potential using the Equis system from 2 of our most established and intelligent leaders: Robert Balgac and Eric Valdez!

IVR & Internet Leads with Pete Beckman, Brandon Hall, Rick Hazouri & Nate Maddox

Pete Beckman and Brandon Hall delve deep into how to handle, how to dial, and how to follow through with IVR leads. Pete will offer the perspectives necessary to handle IVR from the building side, while Brandon will provide insight through the lens of personal production.
The training doesn’t stop there, as Rick Hazouri and Nate Maddox hop on the call to share their experiences and successes working with our new Internet leads program!

President of Foresters North American Life & Annuity Knut Olson

Join us for a historic call between President of Foresters North American Life & Annuity Knut Olson, Barry Clarkson, and Bill Martin OG as we discuss how Equis is building our relationship with Foresters and our goals moving forward as we grow together!

Working Historical Leads

Rick Hazouri, Dan Lambert, Patrick Hutchinson, and Lauren Millman highlight a packed call focusing on how to make the most out of our new historical leads system.

Improving Your Efficiency with Russ Tessman

On a call that should be considered required listening for all Equis agents, Top Producer Russ Tessman details the keys to his success, the importance of maintaining constant activity, and a few personal tips to improve your efficiency. You owe it to your business to make time for this call!

Navigating Highs & Lows with Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall, Equis Financial’s #1 personal producer by a large margin, joins our VP of Agency Development for an open-ended conversation on the nature of our industry and how to maintain your mindset through the highs and lows of this business.

Barry Clarkson Interviews Bill Martin OG

These 2 industry leaders and veterans cover every nitty, gritty detail of Bill’s progression through the insurance industry. From how he got started in our industry through to the inception of The Agent’s Company. No stone is left unturned.

Insight & Incentive with Ryan Dovner & Joe Gibbons

Ryan Dovner & Joe Gibbons are 2 agents making a big name for themselves at The Agent’s Company and are on pace to qualify for our 2020 Incentive Trip to Maui! Expand your understanding of the business and their process through the insight shared by these amazing agents!

Maintaining Consistency with Bill Roman & Dan Lambert

Whether you’re a brand new or established agent here at Equis, chances are you’re familiar with the rock steady production of both Bill Roman & Dan Lambert! Both agents have been with Equis since nearly Day 1 and have a broader perspective of the growth and development that The Agent’s Company has undergone since its inception.

Upping App Counts & Closing Efficiently with David Belgey & Kim Berling

Elite Producers David Begley & Kim Berling join the call to educate on upping your app counts, being an effective closer, and how to keep policies on the books!

Production, Building & Why You Can Do Both

Equis Financial’s #1 personal producer (Brandon Hall) and one of The Agent’s Company’s most efficient and ascendent duos (Michael & Sherry Wright) join the call! Don’t miss what these incredible guests have to say!

Unparalleled Production with Gale Hammond

District Manager and Top Producer Gale Hammond sits down with VP of Sales Bill Martin OG for a special 1-on-1 interview detailing Gale’s mindset, scheduling, and sales process. Every agent that takes the time to get on this call will walk away with invaluable information crucial to their success.

1-on-1 with Regional Manager Chris Tinsman

VP of Sales Bill Martin OG sits down with Regional Manager Chris Tinsman to discuss an incredibly effective way of increasing your appointment count with NO ADDITIONAL LEAD COST!

John Kight, Pete Beckman, Patrick DiLorenzo, & Joe Gibbons

Not only are we featuring heavy-hitters John Kight and Pete Beckman, but we’ll also be welcoming 2 Top Producers, Patrick DiLorenzo and Joe Gibbons, hand-picked from Kight and Beckman’s teams! Hear from these 4 incredible Equis Financial success stories and receive essential technology and company updates from our Executive Team.

New CRM Brochure with Pete Lee, Bill Martin 2.0, & Nicole Hansen

Hear from Equis Advanced leaders Pete Lee & Bill Martin 2.0, Senior Marketing Director Jerrod Ewing, as well as up-and-coming agent Nicole Hansen!

New Tech, New Ways to Win with Eric Valdez & Matt Gibbons

Eric Valdez recaps his exciting experience touring new Equis technology with Open Systems Technologies, Inc. and Matt Gibbons details how the Equis platform has propelled his business to phenomenal heights!

2019 National Summer Convention Wrap-Up

The 2019 National Summer Convention is in the rearview mirror and now it’s time to reflect! Join us for one of the most important calls of the year as we recap the weekend that was during our momentous event.

The Keys to Maintaining Post-Convention Momentum with John Kight & Russ Tessman

There’s no denying the positive impact Equis Financial conventions can have on our businesses and on our mindsets but how do we best maintain that momentum in the days and weeks following the events? Hear from John Kight and Russ Tessman, 2 agents whose past and future successes have been drastically affected, for the better, by the power of Equis conventions.

Whatever It Takes with Stephanie Harlan & Bill Lampe

Listen in to a particularly enlightening Sales Training Call for a glimpse into the lives of 2 of Equis Financial’s most passionate and dedicated agents: Stephanie Harlan & Bill Lampe!

Incorporating Final Expense Leads While Selling Mortgage Protection with Charlie Robinson & Deb Johnson

Charlie Robinson and Deb Johnson share the factors that have led to their success incorporating Final Expense leads into weekly Mortgage Protection lead flow and utilizing non-lead methods of finding business.

Filling the Gaps Through Final Expense with Nate Maddox & Ollie Collins

The time to include Final Expense into your overall business has never been greater. Through a new partnership with Assurant, dedicated training taking place around the country, and established leaders like Nate Maddox and Ollie Collins to show you the way, Equis Financial Final Expense is set to experience massive growth.

How to Skyrocket Your Business with Brandon Hall & Jahmal Bowman

Brandon Hall, Equis Financial’s #1 personal producer, joins the Friday Sales Training Conference Call alongside Jahmal Bowman to pass on the keys of their success! Both members of Regional Manager Pete Beckman’s team, Brandon and Jahmal are experiencing record years in their respective agencies.

Finishing Strong with Tabitha Evans & Tanya Hughes

As the days get shorter and the year approaches its finale, it’s imperative that we renew our focus and ensure we end 2019 on a high note! Listen back to this episode of the Friday Sales Training Call for an end-of-year refresher with Tabitha Evans and Tanya Hughes!

The Pursuit of Persistency w/ Rick Reed & Chris Tyson

Claudia Mathieu and Vince Hall both wear a multitude of hats and juggle any and all lead types in order to build their business. Learn how to adapt quickly and efficiently through tools provided by Equis Financial and the insight of both Claudia and Vince!

First Sales Training Call of 2020!

This week's Sales Training Conference Call will be the very FIRST call of 2020! Rick Hazouri and Bill Roman will both join to discuss managing your business and ensuring steady sales through the hectic weeks of Holidays and Convention!

These 2 gentlemen will highlight how they have utilized the Equis platform to transform their businesses and propel to new heights by reaching their goals and staying consistent as top producers!