9.4.2020 - Winning in the Field with OG
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9.4.2020 - Winning in the Field with OG


Featuring Kyle Vanlue

Sales Manager, Silver Elite Producer, and Ignite Winner, Kyle Vanlue, gives insight into what pushed him into this industry... Two weeks after his daughter was born, Kyle was faced with the loss of his income and made the decision to enter the world of life insurance. It was a bumpy start, but he was able to find his footing and began seeing success with door knocking. When COVID hit, Kyle didn't let that stop him. He found a way to regroup and keep going. His takeaway is that if it doesn't get worse, it'll doesn't get better! Tune in and find out what he's done to take his business from #70 to #52 in the company in the last 90 days!