10.20.2020 - Winning in the Field with OG
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10.20.2020 - Winning in the Field with OG


Featuring Harry Feldman

On today's episode of Winning in the Field, Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, speaks to District Manager, Diamond Elite Producer, and Ignite Winner, Harry Feldman!

Harry has been steadily moving up the leaderboards since joining Equis Financial in July of 2019 and is now #11 in the company. Before coming to Equis, Harry didn’t have any experience in the industry, however, you would never know that by looking at his numbers. Harry has $277,000 issued paid YTD and by end of the year will be over $300,000 issued paid!

When Harry decided to join this industry, he researched different companies and really appreciated how The Equis System was easy to follow and understand. Equis' plug and play system allowed Harry to get started quickly and confidently.

So far, Harry has surpassed every goal he has set in place for himself regarding his personal production and has now begun working on the other side of his business by growing his team. Since he made the decision to grow a team, Harry has produced 3 Ignite Winners! Harry says that the Equis culture is so inspiring and the hustle mindset is contagious!