Monday Morning Audio Calls

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Picking Up Where We Left Off

Holidays provide us with a much-needed time to rest and recharge, but they can also present challenges when it’s time to get back to work. Rob Jones and Barry Clarkson educate on the best, most efficient ways to get back into the swing of things!

Success from Humble Beginnings

There’s no better way to begin your week than on the Monday Morning Kickoff Call! Experience the power of a collective mindset and learn from those who’ve laid the foundation for future success with Equis Financial!

Establishing Weekly Routines

Establishing Weekly Routines Barry and Rob muse on the nature of weekly schedules and how imparative it is to stick to an established routine.

Another Week, Another Set of Opportunities

The Equis Executive team welcome special guests to talk about how every week includes a brand new chance to secure your financial freedom.

Announcing Assurant’s Equis Holiday Contest!

Equis executives huddle up to announce our Assurant Equis Holiday Contest! Earn $2,100+ by issuing just 2.1 apps per week from 10/1/19 to 12/8/19! Bonuses paid by 12/15/19!

Motivation Comes From Within

Join the Equis Executive Team as we start another promising week at The Agent’s Company and discuss the origins of motivations.

More Than One Way to Win

On this entry of the Monday Morning Kickoff Call, The Agent’s Company analyzes the different paths to success availale to you through the Equis platform.

How to Proliferate Equis Toughness

Rob Jones hosts a call, alongside special guest Bill Martin OG, dedicated to sharing the characteristics that make up an Equis Tough agent. Looking for guidance on how best to motivate your team and lead by example? Look no further than this edition of the Monday Morning Kickoff Call.

The Responsibility of Leadership with Kevin Hopkins

Kevin Hopkins joins Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones for a call centered around the reponsibilities and expectations associated with quality leadership.

Pounding the Pavement with Christian Pounder

Christian Pounder joins Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones for an in-depth discussion on maintaining activity and setting a positive example for your team!

Winning One Day at a Time with David Begley

Top Producer David Begley joins Rob Jones and Barry Clarkson to detail his process of taking his business, and his life, one day at a time.

Building A Better Platform

The Equis Executive Team huddles up to start a new week at The Agent’s Company with a renewed focus on industry innovation.

Live From Asheville, NC!

Barry Clarkson & Rob Jones are joined by Jerrod Ewing, Nick Theodore, and Bill Martin 2.0 for an exciting live episode of the Monday Morning Kickoff Call. We preview the War Room meetings happening in Asheville and look back on a record-breaking week at The Agent’s Company!

Another Week, Another Broken Record!

A star-studded Monday Morning Kickoff Call features updates from our executive and leads teams, as well as spotlights for a select few agents making BIG waves at The Agent’s Company.

Convention Countdown

On a special episode of the Monday Morning Kickoff Call, Barry and Rob preview some of the exciting Breakout Sessions featured at the 2019 National Winter Convention and reveal some big plans for our industry-leading event!

Leading the Way with Kristan Brockman

Listen in as Barry & Rob welcome Kristan Brockman, Leads Team Leader, to detail an exciting new development regarding historical D leads! Now you can have MailCo mail your D leads purchased from the OPT system and capitalize on this system live never before!

Picking Up Where You Left Off

President & CEO Barry Clarkson welcomes you back to our normal schedule of calls and training following the Thanksgiving holiday. He and the executive team discuss picking up where you left off after breaks, provide news and updates from our leads team, and welcome a special guest with an extraordinary success story.

Live from Punta Cana!

Barry, Rob, and several special guests join the call LIVE FROM PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! You won’t want to miss what our Monday Morning Kickoff crew has to share about our incentive trip to the Paradisus Palma Real Resort!

Success Stories & 2019 Updates

Rob Jones kicks off another week at The Agent’s Company with enlightening interviews from Alex Cherry and Nadine Johnson-Smith, 2 new agents making a HUGE splash at Equis Financial!

Post Convention Capitalization

Join Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, and our Equis Leaders for our FIRST Monday Morning Kickoff Call following the 2019 National Winter Convention! Sharkela Allen shares her success story as a full-time registered nurse who just issue paid 23 apps for over $21K in business over her first 60 days!

No Time Like The Present with Chris Turner & Drew Huggins

No matter where you’ve come from or your field of experience, success can be found by those who embrace the Equis platform. Hear from 2 new inspiring agents as they outline how they found immediate success at The Agent’s Company through plugging into the system.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Join Rob Jones and Barry Clarkson for your weekly dose of guidance, motivation, and education from The Agent’s Company on the Monday Morning Kickoff Call!

Introducing The Spring Spotlight with Lex Bailey

On this very special episode of the Monday Morning Kickoff Call, Regional Manager Lex Bailey joins to discuss his biggest takeaways from Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule”! Through the end of April 2019, we’ll be bringing on guests each week to discuss this influential text. Grab your copy and join the conversation!

Finding Your Inner Strength with Mike Hall

Regional Manager Mike Hall joins the Monday Morning Kickoff Call to discuss Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” and we preview some big announcements and promotions coming soon at The Agent’s Company!

Bearing Down, Gearing Up with Nate Maddox

Regional Manager Nate Maddox kicks off a new week at The Agent’s Company by sharing his thoughts and takeaways from our Spring Spotlight book, Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule,” and highlights how to efficiently build an agency.

Monday Morning Kickoff LIVE from Asheville, NC

Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones come to you LIVE from the Asheville, NC Equis Financial home office to start your week on the right foot. Don’t hit snooze on your success!

Convention Week Kickoff Call

Join Barry Clarkson for 2020's FIRST kickoff call of the year! We are gearing up for the biggest Convention week in Equis' history!

December 16, 2020

The Holiday Hustle

Special guest host Bill Martin educates on how to maintain activity and momentum through the holiday season.

Showing Thanks on Veterans Day

On a special Veterans Day edition of the Monday Morning Kickoff Call, Barry and Rob open another week at The Agent’s Company and express their gratitude towards those who’ve served.

Wake Up and Smell the Success

Equis executives Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones begin a new week with a spirited discussion on the nature of success and how that success is achievable through the Equis platform.

Building Your Own Success Story

Our Equis leaders preview a jam-packed week at The Agent’s Company and discuss how event the most successful agencies are built incrementally.

Building Agencies One Day at a Time

Our Equis leaders preview a jam-packed week at The Agent’s Company and discuss how event the most successful agencies are built incrementally.

Give It All You Got

Fortune favors the bold. The Equis System rewards the committed. Learn how to win at The Agent’s Company from those that built the opportunity on an especially impassioned Monday Morning Kickoff Call.

New Possibilities through the Equis Platform

Rob Jones and Barry Clarkson examine the possibilities that have opened up through the Equis Platform and how best to capitalize on them!

Pre-Convention Huddle-Up

On the last Monday Morning Kickoff Call before the 2019 National Summer Convention, our Equis leaders huddle-up once last time for a call previewing and leading directly into our industry-leading event!

Forging Forward with Matthew Weiner

Matthew Weiner knows a thing or two about putting the best foot forward in search of financial freedom. Listen in as he shares his keys to successful business ownership.

Special Guest Ryan Dovner

Sales Manager Ryan Dovner joins this coming Monday’s call to provide his thoughts and takeaways from our Summer Spotlight book, Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone!

More Than One Way To Win

Michael Wright joins Rob Jones and Barry Clarkson to explain his process and the factors that have led to his success at Equis Financial.

Technology State of the Union with Emily Growden

Barry Clarkson & Rob Jones briefly recap a momentous week at The Agent’s Company before welcoming Senior Marketing Director Jerrod Ewing for an update on upcoming Equis events. Finally, Senior Vice President of Operations Emily Growden joins the call to provide an overview on BIG changes coming to Equis Financial’s technology platform.

Punta Cana Wrap-up

The Equis Executive Team is back from our 2018 Incentive Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and we can’t wait to share highlights from the trip!

Cyber Leads Sale Announcement!

President & CEO Barry Clarkson announces a limited time Leads sale and looks forward to 2019 as we wrap up a historic year at The Agent’s Company!

Recapping the 2018 Punta Cana Incentive Trip

Barry and Rob return from the Dominican Republic refreshed and ready to tackle the remaining months of 2018. Listen in as they recap an exciting and insightful trip and detail how their focus has been honed moving forward.

The Monday Morning Kickoff Call with Barry Clarkson & Rob Jones

President & CEO Barry Clarkson and VP of Agency Development Rob Jones debut the BRAND NEW Monday Morning Kickoff Call! Taking place EVERY Monday @ 11 AM EST, Barry and Rob kickstart the new week with education, inspiration, and provide you with proven perspectives on what it takes to succeed at The Agent’s Company!

A New Type of Lead with Kristan Brockman

Barry and Rob are joined by Leads Team Leader Kristan Brockman as she makes a special guest appearance to detail an exciting new form of lead available to Equis NOW!

Wrapping up 2018

On our last Monday Morning Kickoff Call of 2018, Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, and hand-selected Equis leaders look back on the year that was and look forward to 2019!

2019 National Winter Convention Kickoff Call

This call is the last chance to huddle up with Equis leaders and discuss the landmark event that is our 2019 National Winter Convention! Listen in to hear our plans and expectations for this industry-leading event!

Making The Most Of The Equis Opportunity

Kickoff the new week with Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones as we recap a record-breaking week at The Agent’s Company, reveal news and updates from Leads Manager Kristan Brockman and welcome rising stars Jonathan Persak and Susan Evans to reveal their incredible Equis success stories!

Visualizing Success with Matt Gibbons & Noell Hughes

President & CEO Barry Clarkson, alongside Senior VP of Agency Development Rob Jones, welcome Matt Gibbons and Noell Hughes, 2 new agents visualizing their dreams of financial freedom through the Equis platform.

Rekindling the Ignite Program with Michelle Jarnagin & Nadine Smith-Johnson

Join Barry Clarkson & Rob Jones for the Monday Morning Kickoff call as we check in with 2 of our most accomplished Ignite Award winners and dissect what they attribute to their success!

Takeaways From The 10X Rule with Lori Martin

Regional Manager Lori Marin shares her insights and takeaways from our Spring Spotlight, and her FAVORITE book, “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. Afterwards, we receive leads updates from Kristan Brockman, here the success stories of Andrea Green and Keith Cecil, then wrap things up with motivation from John Kight!

Equis Tough Tour Kickoff Recap & Spring Spotlight with Vince Hall

Start your week with success stories, takeaways from “The 10X Rule” from Regional Manager Vince Hall and first-hand accounts of the momentous kickoff of our Equis Tough Tour from Regional Managers Mike Athas, David Schneider, and Eric Valdez!

Spring Spotlight Conclusion with Jim Glascott

Regional Manager Jim Glascott provides the final segment dedicated to our Spring Spotlight book before discussing the importance of shared goals and teamwork.

Kicking Off Our Summer Spotlight with Dick Sylvester

Regional Marketing Director Dick Sylvester joins Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones on the Monday Morning Kickoff Call to discuss the thoughts and ideas from Grant Cardone’s “Be Obsessed or Be Average”

Kickoff to 2020

Join Barry Clarkson for a very special call as we recap a historic 2019 at The Agent's Company and Kick Off 2020 with a bang!

The future holds monumental promise for Equis Financial and I hope you'll join me for the first step towards fulfilling that promise.

December 9, 2019