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December 6, 2019

First Leaders Call of 2020!

Stepping Up to the Plate

Equis leaders and executives coach Equis Nation on how to know when the time is right to take charge, grab hold of your destiny, and will you and your team to financial victory.

How to Lead the Leaders

One of the most important facets of a leader is to empower and encourage other leaders within your business. Hear from Equis Financial’s leaders on the best ways to motivate and prop up those ready to make the leap.

Providing the Keys to Effective Leadership

The Equis Executive Team muses on the virtues of effective leadership, and how those virtues are entirely trainable within the Equis platform.

Special Guest John Kight

National Marketing Manager John Kight joins Barry and crew for this educationally enlightening entry of the Equis Leaders call!

How to Spot Potential Leaders

The Equis Executive Team educates on empowering future leaders within your agency and how to spot those ready to make the leap.

Learning to Lead the Right Way

We’re all seeking to be effective leaders, but it’s of equal impotance to lead your team the RIGHT way. Learn just how to do that through the education and guidance provided by the Equis Financial Executive Team.

Post-Convention Leaders Call

Now is the time to huddle up, Equis Leaders! We’re coming out of the 2019 National Summer Convention hot and ready to roll. Maintain that momentum and coordinate with your fellow difference makers on the Equis Leaders Call!

Learning to Lead by Example with Brandon Hall

Equis Financial’s #1 personal producer joins the Equis Leaders call to examine his sales process and offer guidance on instilling values within your team.

Special Guest Mike Hall

Don’t miss an insightful and inspirational segment, featuring Regional Manager Mike Athas, where we recap Chapter 8 of Grant Cardone’s Be Obsessed or Be Average and apply lessons learned to The Equis Opportunity!

Leading Through Evolution with Emily Growden & Dick Sylvester

Dick Sylvester hops on the call for a short discussion on our Summer Spotlight book, Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone, then Emily Growden joins the discussion to provide exciting developments related to our new technology!

Trust & Belief

President & CEO Barry Clarkson leads off the Leaders call with an impassioned plea for trust and belief in the Equis platform and power behind the system we’ve built. Equis agents can go as far as they will allow themselves to go, and we’ve built a platform to ensure that.

The Power of Perseverance

As our Equis Executive Team prepares for the 2018 Incentive Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Bill Martin OG and Barry Clarkson reflect on the nature of perseverance and how we must fight adversity to reach success.

Seizing the Equis Opportunity

Jerrod Ewing, Nick Theodore, and John Kight join the Equis Executive team to recap their impactful meeting at the Asheville home office and hint at big developments in the near future for The Agent’s Company.

Recognizing Opportunity

Rob Jones, Barry Clarkson, and our Equis Leaders huddle up in order to set goals and strategize the most effective ways of recognizing, capitalizing on, opportunity in this industry.

Profit Positioning

Barry Clarkson shares personal insight on the importance of diversifying your portfolio, preparing yourself for setbacks, and the need to put yourself in the best possible position for success.

No Time Like the Present

As we approach the kickoff of the 2019 National Winter Convention, the Equis Executive Team notes the advantages of attending our convention and how the momentum created can lead you to greater sales success!

Learn From Those Around You

Special guests Lori Martin, Carrie Wysong, and Holly Rogers talk about the importance of using relationship resources to learn and improve in this business.

Keeping the Right People Around You

Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones take time to discuss the nature of your inner circle. The people you associate with, communicate with, and welcome into your business will impact your mindset and perception. Why not associate with those that inspire you?

Going Your Own Way

Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you looking to build a business, grow an agency, or just looking for quality insight on the mindset necessary to lead a team? Look no further than the Leaders Conference Call, hosted by Executive VP of Agency Development Rob Jones & President & CEO Barry Clarkson!

Fueling the Fire w/ Pete Beckman

Regional Manager Pete Beckman joins the Leaders Call to discuss Chapters 1-4 of Grant Cardone’s The 10X Rule! Don’t miss the latest entry in our Spring Spotlight series, plus more motivation and inspiration from our executive team!

Fighting for Financial Freedom

Barry Clarkson uses this Leaders Call to hit on the priorities of Equis leadership and honing in on the fundamental building blocks of what makes Equis Financial “The Agent’s Company.”

Executing Your Business Plan

The Equis Executive Team comes to you LIVE from New York City to discuss the steps and preparations necessary for executing your business plan and putting your best-laid plans into action.

Don’t Let Your Goals Be Debilitating

Barry Clarkson explains the importance of loving yourself, understanding your goals, and knowing your limits. We touch on making the most of every day, every moment, and utilizing the Equis opportunity.

Committing to Leadership

Barry Clarkson and Rob Jones welcome Robert Balgac, Johnnie Brooks, and Andrew Pappas to the call to go over their duplicatable systems, the keys to their building, and what they look for in a lasting recruit.

Building a Factory Mentality

Guest host Jerrod Ewing joins the call to illustrate the power of mindset when it comes to building your team and why everything must be scalable, replicable and built for long-lasting success.

Better Production Through the Equis Platform

Barry Clarkson follows up on the conversations and perspectives shared on the 10/5 Sales Training by analyzing the factors that contributed to Christian Pounder’s and Randy Montrose’s success through the Equis Platform.

December 13, 2019

Maintaining Pace Around Holidays

The holidays present challenges to a productive business, but none of those challenges are insurmountable. The Equis executive team discusses how to counteract dips in production to remain profitable through the holidays.

Balancing Commitments

The Equis Executive Team discusses how to balance the many committments that fill our calendars as leaders and agency managers.

Picking Up What We’re Putting Down

Cohesion and unification are absolutely imperative to the success of an agency, business, or team. Sharing and instilling your central philosophy, as a leader, into the mindsets of your teammates is critical to the longterm success of your business.

The Ball Is in Your Court

The Equis Executive Team rounds up like-minded leaders to explore the nature of opportunity and how one must capitalize when presented with that opportunity.

Replicating Success

Equis Leaders huddle up to discuss the keys to replicating and sustaining success at The Agent’s Company.

Virtues of Valued Leadership

Join our Equis Financial Executive Team for an impassioned discussion on the most valuable virtues of a leader at The Agent’s Company!

Adapting to Overcome

Join a spirited Leaders Call centered around how we must adapt to changes in the industry to overcome and create success!

Reinforcing Your Winning Mindset

Regional Manager Holly Rogers joins the call to discuss how Chapters 12 & 13 of Grant Cardone’s Be Obsessed or Be Average has reinforced her winning mindset at The Agent’s Company!

Staying Ahead of the Game with Robert Balgac

Regional Manager Robert Balgac joins the Leaders call to discuss how he always stays ahead of the game through market trends.

Values & Virtues of True Leadership

Dick Sylvester hops on the call for a short discussion on our Summer Spotlight book, Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone, then Emily Growden joins the discussion to provide exciting developments related to our new technology!

Wrapping Up Our Spring Spotlight

Regional Marketing Director Nick Theodore joins the Leaders call to discuss the final chapters of Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule!” with select members of his team.

Timing Is Everything

Barry Clarkson discusses the importance of getting in on the ground floor and embracing opportunity when the moment arises. Big things are on the horizon for The Agent’s Company, and we’re looking for leaders ready to tackle challenges head on.

The Final Countdown

With less than a week remaining until the start of our 2019 National Winter Convention, President and CEO Barry Clarkson hosts a massive convention round-up call going over our mission, schedule, and intentions with our industry-leading event.

Relentlessly Pursuing Your Goals

The importance of creating, or following, a duplicatable system is touched on by Barry Clarkson and Bill Martin OG in this call exploring the relentless pursuit of your goals.

Reacting to Adversity

President and CEO Barry Clarkson hits on a few high-impact aspects of quality agency building, including the ability to recruit efficiently, lead effectively, and lay out the groundwork for your future success.

Pre-Convention Leaders Roundup

President and CEO Barry Clarkson gathers ALL Equis Leaders to discuss what we have in store at our upcoming 2018 Summer Sales Convention: how to prepare, what to expect, and how to capitalize on the energy and excitement coming out of convention.

Making Good on Promises

A FIRED UP Barry Clarkson comes to you with a declaration of intent. The Summer Sales Convention is only a couple weeks away and The Agent’s Company is abuzz with excitement for the training, networking, and announcements to come. Listen in for a sneak peek at what you can expect August 2 – 4 in Orlando, FL!

Launching Our Summer Spotlight w/ Bill Martin OG

Executive VP of Sales Development Bill Martin OG leads the call with his personal takeaways and gained perspectives from Chapter 1 of Grant Cardone’s “Be Obsessed or Be Average!”

Great Leaders Make Big-Time Decisions

Barry Clarkson sits down with all Equis leaders and speaks candidly on the nature of routine, how we must fight to generate momentum, and the importance of perseverance and business preservation.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Barry Clarkson muses on how to push your message, personality, and business model in a way to attract fellow business people. Taking responsibility for your actions and prioritizing your time with the right people come up as pillars of a productive business person.

Following the Roadmap Toward Success

Hosts Rob Jones and Barry Clarkson recap Chapters 17-20 of our Spring Spotlight book and highlight several key characteristics of lasting leadership at The Agent’s Company.

Eyes Ahead w/ John Kight & Barry Clarkson

Build the mindset necessary to lead your team productively on this week’s Leaders Call featuring the Spring Spotlight with Barry Clarkson and John Kight!

Equis Tough w/ Barry Clarkson & Jerrod Ewing

Senior Marketing Director Jerrod Ewing joins Barry, Rob, and Equis Leaders to provide his insight on our Spring Spotlight, “The 10X Rule,” and recap a monumental launch to the Equis Tough Tour!

Diligence, Decisiveness, & Determination

President & CEO Barry Clarkson discusses the barriers to building your business and how to navigate around those barriers in pursuit of financial freedom.

Capitalizing on Convention Momentum

Guest host Jerrod Ewing joins the call to illustrate the power of mindset when it comes to building your team and why everything must be scalable, replicable and built for long-lasting success.

Build People, Not Sales

Rob Jones details the Equis opportunity available to our agents, as well as the middle-income families our agents work so hard to protect. We hit on the importance of recruiting and teaching your recruits how to recruit themselves and more!

Barry Clarkson & Scott Rumbo

Our Spring Spotlight series continues on this Friday’s Leaders call with a dedicated discussion of Chapters 5-8 of Grant Cardone’s The 10X Rule with Barry Clarkson and Scott Rumbo! Don’t miss the latest entry in our Spring Spotlight series!