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12.16.2020 - How to Overcome Health Challenges & Objections While in the Home

On this week's Jumpstart Live, Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG explains how to overcome health challenges and objections while in the home.

Bill shares tips for finding solutions for clients who are unable to qualify for certain products while still providing them with a viable solution. Bill also covers how to handle some of the most common objections while in the home.

This is a great tune-up call and a must for new agents!

11.18.2020 - Finding More Business in the Home and Handling Competitive Situations

On this week's Jumpstart Live, Executive VP of Sales, Bill Martin OG, provides effective tips and methods for handling competitive situations and on finding more business while you are in the home!

This is an excellent session for those who feel that they should be writing more than they currently are!

11.4.2020 - Hiring Made Simple!

On this week's Jumpstart Live, Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, is joined by special guests: Executive Manager, Builders' Boost Recipient, and Gold Elite Producer,
Matthew Weiner, Senior Sales Manager, Gold Elite Producer, and Ignite Award Winner, Nicole Hansen, and Agency Builder, John Brockman! Bill and these three agents discuss SIMPLE ways to start building from both warm and cold markets.

Nicole and John are both fairly new in the hiring process and share some of the simple techniques they have found to be successful, such as what to say and do when someone signs an ICA.

Matthew shares how he has gone from not knowing what to do or say to having one of Equis' fastest growing agencies!

If you are interested or curious about building a team but are hesitant because you don't feel like you know enough, this webinar is for you!

10.14.2020 - Annual Reviews and Reading Insurance Policies

Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, covers the importance and profitability of doing client annual reviews.

If you have been in the business for at least a year, then you should be doing annual reviews. Not only do annual reviews increase your overall persistency, build relationships with your clients, and create profitability for your business, they are essential for your clients' needs.

Bill discusses what to say and what to look for during these reviews. He also goes over the various types of insurance policies and what to look for when reviewing clients' other policies.

9.23.2020 - Tips and Pointers for In-Home Presentations!

Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, provides insights on how to make an in-home presentation more effective!

This includes tips on closing, handling objections, product selection, and simplifying the entire process overall.

This is the perfect webinar for both new and experienced agents!


Bill Martin OG gives the ins and outs of simplified issue products and non-medical insurance products, including what you can and cannot do.

Bill will also cover what the insurance companies are looking for, along with potential red flags.

This is a great training for new agents!


During this webinar, Bill Martin OG tries to help agents overcome the fear of the phone.

This webinar includes pointers on how to get someone's attention, how to present yourself, what to say, and how to say it. Bill also covers the best way to handle objections.

This is the perfect call for new agents and those agents that may be struggling making phone calls.


Bill Martin OG covers the best way to get started in this business from purchasing leads, making dials, and writing the best products for the client!

Bill also shows you how to start building a $3k - $4k cash flow consistently each week!

This is a PERFECT webinar for BEGINNERS!


Bill Martin OG covers time-tested tips, pointers, and procedures that have been proven to get more business placed as well as just how to keep it on the books!


Learn about proven methods to handle objections on the phone and in the home. OG will share how to communicate rebuttals with your prospect without becoming combative... This is for those agents who find themselves stumbling for words when someone gives them an objection.


OG, discusses how to properly create a schedule and how to develop the habits to help you succeed! This will not only be a great webinar for new agents learning to adapt to a straight commissions business, but a wonderful refresher for everyone in the field!


OG gives new agents the roadmap to getting started with Equis!


HOW TO CALL LEADS IN THESE CHALLENGING TIME..This week OG shares with you how to call and effectively set appointments using older, non-A leads!


Bill Martin OG discusses how writing Simplified Issue policies now can help to protect your clients in the future! Don't miss out on this fundamental webinar!


Bill Martin OG discusses basic field underwriting, including proper product selection. He's got the magic recipe and shares a very simple process to help you through that initial phase of deciding which products to write and why!

In-Home Presentation Overview

Live Dials

11.15.19 - Live Dials

10.9.19 - Calling All Types of Leads

9.25.19 - How to Build a Profitable Business

9.13.19 - Live Dials

8.23.19 - Live Dials

8.16.19 - Live Dials

8.9.19 - Live Dials

8.10.18 - Live Dials

6.5.19 - Finding More Business by Knowing What to Look for in Your Clients' Current Insurance

5.3.19 - Live Dials

4.10.19 - Top Four Things to Focus on in the Home

3.15.19 - Live Dials

3.1.19 - Live Dials

2.15.19 - Live Dials

1.4.19 - Live Dials

10.17.18 - Getting Started: What to Do & What to Focus On

10.5.18 - Live Dials

12.2.2020 - Discussion with John Hancock!

On this week's Jumpstart Live, Executive VP of Sales, Bill Martin OG, has a discussion with John Hancock's National Account Vice President, Stacy Greene and Vice President of Business Development, John Barlow about our newest partner, John Hancock and their new term product!

"Equis is in the simplified market, targeting middle income America, which is why John Hancock's new, Simplified Term is spot on for Equis and our agents. Not to mention, the product also checks ALL THREE of these Business Development pillars:

1. Focus on Quality of Business with an easy-to-use underwriting guide.
2..INSTANT Underwriting decision in the home.
3. Simple, safe, and secure E-app process."
- John Barlow

11.11.2020 - Setting Up A Schedule And Sticking To It!

On this week's Jumpstart Live, Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, is helping agents create a schedule for full-time and part-time activity!

This includes coaching on how important your schedule is when your income is based on commission. Bill also shares ideas on HOW to create habits by working your schedule properly and sticking to it.

This webinar is a MUST for NEW agents.

10.28.2020 - Dialing For Dollars!

On this week's Jumpstart Live, Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, demonstrates how to make dial time less stressful!

Bill coaches agents on how to call every type of lead, whether it be an A Lead,
B Lead, C Lead, D Lead, Internet Lead, or Final Expense Lead, Bill has it covered! Finding the common denominator in every type of lead and how to handle objections will be primarily what Bill will focus on.

If you are a new agent, or someone that has been with us for a while and struggles when making dials, this will be the perfect training for you!

10.7.2020 - Success With All Lead Types

Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, is joined by Sales Manager and Ignite Award Winner, Joyce Gay, National Manager and Ignite Winner, Pete Beckman, and Ignite Award Winner, Christina Hornback!

Pete covers how to call and have success with Incomplete Phone Leads (IPL).

Joyce covers her approach to the "D" lead mailer program that she has been utilizing to set appointments with over the past year, without making a single phone call!

Christina shares how she took a $382 investment in internet leads, set 12 appointments and sold 10 applications for over $12,000 in annual premium - which is 10 times the return on her investment!!

This is a very important webinar for those agents who want to get the most out of their lead budget or who are looking for ways to supplement their current lead flow.


Bill coaches agents on different options they have to make sure their clients keep their policies. He also goes over why it is important and profitable to provide your client with an annual review.

This is a great call for new and experienced agents


Bill Martin OG shows agents how to go from getting a paycheck to being a business owner.

During this webinar, Bill shares how to handle expenses, track mileage, travel to appointments, and navigate through the financial rollercoaster of commission income.

This is the perfect webinar for new agents!


Regional Marketing Director, Jerrod Ewing, is joined by two of his managers: Diamond Elite Producer, and Sales Manager, Christian Pounder and Ignite Winner, Platinum Elite Producer, and Sales Manager, Ryan Dovner.

Jerrod, Christian, and Ryan share information with anyone who is interested in building a team, but not quite sure what to do/say, or how to get started.

If you are new to Equis, or have been here a while, this is the perfect webinar to join to find out the quickest and easiest way to start building an agency for you and your family.


Bill Martin OG goes over various ways of finding additional business in the home.

Bill will be discussing, finding shortages in current coverage, potential policy replacements, obtaining referrals, what questions to ask, and what to look for.

This is an excellent call for any agent who is interested in getting more out of their leads.


Join OG as he unpacks the ins and outs of a successful in-home presentation.

This webinar will include tips on building a relationship with the client, finding pain, choosing the right product, and how to overcome objections before you get them.


Bill Martin OG provides effective tips and methods for handling competitive situations and on finding more business while you are in the home! This is an excellent session for those who feel that they should be writing more than they currently are!


Bill Martin OG walks us through the differences between permanent and temporary life insurance products.


OG is joined by 3 of Equis' Top Producers: Connor Jones, Claudia Mathieu, and Russ Tessman. Each will be detailing which platform they prefer and how they have been able to continue their successes via virtual client meetings!


OG discusses how simply listening to your client and asking the right questions can be so much more effective than a sales pitch!


Bill Martin OG reviews how to conquer objections, both on the phone to help you set your appointments, as well as how to overcome objections once you're there!


OG demonstrates an in-home presentation for our new agents.

IVR Leads with Pete Beckman

Live Dials

10.11.19 - Live Dials

9.27.19 - Live Dials

9.20.19 - Live Dials with Pete Beckman

9.4.19 - Field Underwriting: What Policies to Write!

8.21.19 - In-Home Presentation

7.18.18 - Proper Mindset for Handling Objections

8.8.19 - Writing the Right Policies & How to Write 5 Apps Every Week

11.14.19 - Field Underwriting

5.17.19 - Live Dials

4.12.19 - Live Dials

3.22.19 - Live Dials

3.8.19 - Live Dials with Pete Beckman

2.27.19 - Set Your Schedule & Find More Business From Your Leads

2.1.19 - Live Dials

10.31.18 - How to Handle Each Type of Lead

10.4.18 - Nick Theodore & Bill Martin - Final Notice Mailing System