10.7.2020 - Success With All Lead Types


Executive VP of Sales Development, Bill Martin OG, is joined by Sales Manager and Ignite Award Winner, Joyce Gay, National Manager and Ignite Winner, Pete Beckman, and Ignite Award Winner, Christina Hornback!

Pete covers how to call and have success with Incomplete Phone Leads (IPL).

Joyce covers her approach to the "D" lead mailer program that she has been utilizing to set appointments with over the past year, without making a single phone call!

Christina shares how she took a $382 investment in internet leads, set 12 appointments and sold 10 applications for over $12,000 in annual premium - which is 10 times the return on her investment!!

This is a very important webinar for those agents who want to get the most out of their lead budget or who are looking for ways to supplement their current lead flow.