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Equis Now - Elite Producer Boot Camp

On this episode of Equis Now, Barry is sharing the first-ever Elite Producer Boot Camp that premiered Saturday, September 11th.

Tune in as he speaks with Equis’ #1 Sales Producer and Diamond Elite Producer, Brandon Hall, the host of Equis’ new weekly webinar designed to provide training on how to become an Elite Producer!

Equis Now - Michael Hall

Barry sits down with National Marketing Director, Builders' Boost Recipient, and CEO of Trustworthy Financial, Michael Hall, to discuss the opportunities that are in front of you now with virtual sales, and how Michael is leading his team from the front!

Equis Now - Robert Balgac

Barry sits down with National Marketing Director, Robert Balgac, to discuss the movement towards virtual sales!

Equis Now - Nick Burns

Barry sits down with Nick Burns to share the steps Nick is taking to be successful with Virtual Sales! Nick is working 100% virtually and still producing at an incredibly high rate!

Equis Now - Pete Beckman

Barry Clarkson sits down with the CEO of UniTrust Financial Group, Pete Beckman!

WITF - Griffin Carr

Bill Martin OG sits down with Senior Sales Manager and Silver Elite Producer, Griffin Carr! Griffin has been with Equis a little over a year now and has been "Winning in the Field!"

Equis Now - Lori Martin

Barry Clarkson sits down with the first female recipient of Equis Financial's Equity Bonus, Lori Martin!

WITF - Rashad Gaines

Get to know Gold Elite Producer, Rashad Gaines, and hear about his journey from Corporate America to Equis Financial!

WITF - Kyle Keator

Kyle Keator found his way to Equis Financial after having careers in the Military, Corporate America, and another IMO. Find out why Kyle finally feels at home with Equis Financial!

WITF - Dick Sylvester

Bill Martin OG sits down with Regional Marketing Director and Builders' Boost Recipient, Dick Sylvester!
Dick is a 25-year veteran in this industry with timeless tips on achieving success!

Equis Now - Eric Valdez

President and CEO, Barry Clarkson sits down with Regional Marketing Director, Level 1 Equity Bonus Recipient, Builders' Boost Recipient, and Ignite Award Winner, Eric Valdez!

WITF - Wendy Baxter

Bill Martin OG is joined by Silver Elite Producer, Wendy Baxter! Learn how Wendy is "Winning in the Field!"